Season 2013 starts

We started off the season with a fun display at the Cinestar in České Budějovice.

The aim of the game was to introduce the peregrine falcon to the kids that came to see the new movie “Zambezia” as the main character in the movie is “Kai” a peregrine falcon. I think that we all had a lot of fun and the kids had great question :-) .

During the next couple of days we will be updating our events calendar so keep your eye on that, it should make deciding when to come easier.

Breeding season is at its beginning with one clutch of saker eggs hatched and with chicks being well protected by their parents (so it’s really hard to make photos :-( ).

So far we have another saker pair sitting on their clutch. Two pairs of Harris hawks on their clutches, one pair of Redtail hawks. Snowy owls preparing to lay eggs, along with the kestrels making alot of noise in the aviary, but not yet ready to lay the eggs ;-) .

As soon as the young pop out their heads the photos will be on our notice board.

Enjoy the warm spring


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